Candlewick Stemware Reference Pages

The Candlewick stemware described on these pages were all produced by The Imperial Glass Company. The 3800 series, the 3400 series and the 400/190 series will all be described in sufficient detail to allow a comparative judgment as to authenticity of other pieces. The early production (1936 through 1973) provided only 3 original colors of glass, Crystal, Ruby and Ritz Blue. In addition, colors which were produced during the later years, until 1983, under the ownership of Lenox Glass will be shown for comparison. 

The stemware will be described to the best of my knowledge and of others who have so willingly shared their personal collections and expertise for the purpose endeavored here. I personally owe praise to Mrs. Mary M. Wetzel-Tomalka for her documentation of Candlewick in her series of books and for her willingness to personally answer questions requiring an extensive knowledge of Candlewick glassware. I also wish to thank Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. Brian Punke for sharing some of their personal collections of 3400 and 400/190 series, therefore allowing documentation of some of the items described below. Please be aware that the dimensions given are measurements of pieces from collections and that they will vary slightly since these were all hand-blown stems.

In the 3400 and 3800 stemware lines, one of the most prominent features other than the beaded stems is the "Candlewick Wafer" which is an approximately 1/8" thick disk of glass placed between the stem and the bowl. This is a round disk with no markings or striations. Cambridge utilized a similar disk in their 3103 line but it can be differentiated by ".....under the wafer is a small section or circle of 8 vertical panels." as described by Mrs. Wetzel-Tomalka on page 132 of Candlewick, The Jewel of Imperial, Book II.

Series Stems

Series Stems

Series Stems